a non profit 501(c)3 youth organization


The Randolph Roadrunners Track and Field Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 youth organization. For organizations or individuals looking for an opportunity to donate to a worthy cause, contributions of $250 or more will be provided with a tax deductible letter for your charitable donations.

Donations help offset the cost for uniforms, entry fees, charter buses for transportation to the track meets out of town, and updated equipment, i.e. hurdles, mats, and poles. The Randolph Roadrunners consists of athlete’s ages 6-18. The team originated in San Antonio, TX and has expanded throughout the surroundings cities. We compete in the AAU Track and Field Association. Our coaching staff consists of volunteers who do not receive any compensation. All donations support the athletes and help to defray the cost of travel, lodging, and meet fees.

Randolph Roadrunners Track & Field Club was formed on the principle that through athletics, youth can be strengthened by developing character, confidence, moral/ethical values, and a positive self image. Our team members have been extremely successful as we have won state, and national titles. In addition, participating on the team has afforded some of our athletes the opportunity to gain scholarships to various colleges and universities as well as rewarding careers in track, basketball, football, and even the U.S. Olympic Track Team.

We invite you to become a sponsor of a highly rewarding program. The team is in need of your support to continue providing the training and guidance that develops tomorrow's future starts.