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 Registration closes on May 16, 2019

Please text Coach Ronnie at 210-464-1577 for Registration questions.

Last call for Roadrunner Registration.
We have the green light to add more names to the Base Access list. 
We have reopened up Registration until May 16, 2019.
Any athlete interested in joining our club, can sign up on May 9th, 13th, 14th and 16th.
Please enter via the Loop 1604 Gate by Randolph High School.  This gate will be open for these specific dates.  Do not enter Randolph AFB via the gates on FM78.
You can sign up from 6-7pm during track practice.
Registration will be closed for the season after the 16th. 

​Please bring the following items to Register

1. A filled out Registration form.  Form download link is below.  We also have a copy if needed. We will size the athlete during registration or during practice.
2. Full Payment of $180.00 in the form of Check, Money Order or Cash. Please make checks payable to RRTFC (NO REFUNDS)
3. A COPY of the Athletes Birth Certificate, not the original.

4. Base Access form/Entry Access List (EAL), see below



Save time at Registration and fill out the forms in advance. 

The PDF is fillable so you can type most of the information and print the document.

Base Access/Entry Access List (EAL)

Strict adherence to the below message is of upmost importance. NOTE: (This message only applies to those without base access.)

You can download the Base Access Form here, this form is also fillable.  

Security Forces requires an entry access list (EAL) for those that do not have access to the military base.

The required information needed on the list are the following:
- First, middle and last name of ALL family members that could possibly come to practice. (No nicknames)
- Gender M or F
- Date of birth of all family members 
- All possible drivers (this includes guardians in the event a parent cannot bring your athlete)
- Driver’s license number of all drivers
- State of driver’s license 
This information will be required and collected during registration.

NOTE: If you are a government contractor be advised your access may only apply to your contractual hours of work and base you’re assigned.  We recommend filling out an Base Access form just to be sure. 

For any questions pertaining to Registration please TEXT Coach Ronnie at 210-464-1577, email ronnie.dawkins@gmail.com or submit a question on our Contact US page.  You can also visit our
 FAQ section for general club questions.