UPDATED March 4, 2024 


This page was created to provide more information about our club and program.  We encourage everyone to read through this page. 

What ages does your club serve? Ages 5-18

Do you have tryouts? No, If the athlete is willing to put in the work, they are welcome to be a part of the Roadrunner family. Our workouts can be very intense.   

What is the registration fee for track and what does it include? The registration fee for the 2024 season is $300.00. 

Registration encompasses the following: AAU District Qualifier meet fee, Uniform, access to all season practices, training expenses, facility rental, necessary equipment or replacements, and more. For insurance purposes, athletes may not participate with our club until they are have an AAU card. Please visit our registration page for most information. Since the parents are responsible for going to the AAU site and obtaining the AAU card. We no longer require a copy of the athletes Birth Certificate. 

Do you offer refunds? We have a NO refund policy.

When does practice start and where do you practice?   Practice begins April 22, 2024 Veterans Memorial High School. Practice days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 7:30pm.   

What should athletes wear and bring to practice? We suggest wearing shorts and t-shirt.  We also recommend purchasing a really good pair of running shoes and bring plenty of water to every practice. You do not need track spikes for conditioning. 

Where can I buy Spikes? Here are some recommended websites.


www.vsathletics.com (This site may have smaller youth sizes)

When are the track meets? Track meets can start as early as May.  The practice meets are on Saturdays. Track meets start early in the morning and end mid to late afternoons. The athlete entry fee for practice meets is around $10 per meet. The clubs registration fees only include the fee for the District Qualifier. 

What is the AAU Junior Olympics? The Junior Olympics is the largest track meet held in the country.  Athletes compete against each other from other AAU districts.  The top 8 will receive medals.  Other sporting events from other groups also take place during the Junior Olympics.

How do you qualify to participate in the Junior Olympics?  During the track season we will have a series of practice meets. District and Regional qualifier meets are held for athletes to advance to the AAU Junior Olympics.     

2024 AAU Junior Olympics will be held in Greensboro, North Carolina  



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