The athlete’s year of birth will determine what age division they will compete in.  

2017 Age Divisions
8 and Under Girls/Boys (Born 2009 and later)

9 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2008)

10 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2007)

11 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2006)

12 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2005)

13 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2004)

14 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2003)

15-16 year old Girls/Boys (Born 2001-2002)

17-18 year old Women/Men (Born 1999-2000) Athletes who are 18 through the final day of the National Championship/AAU Junior Olympics shall be eligible to compete in the 17-18 year old age divisions    



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Our goal is to give the athletes the opportunity and chance to develop a higher level of fitness, speed, endurance and coordination.  We stress discipline and teamwork.  We want our athletes to improve during the course of our season, its not all about winning. You win when you improve yourself and achieve your personal goals.  TRAIN HARD, WIN EASY is our Motto.   

If your athlete qualified for the Junior Olympics, we need to know the following.

1. Will they compete at the JO's? If so we need to collect a payment of $48 by JULY 13th. Our admin staff will make sure they are entered to compete.  Athlete's are entered once payment is made to the club.
ONE CALL MESSAGING: Our goal is to compile a list of athletes attending the JO's and create a smaller JO communication group.  Instead of messaging the entire club with JO communications, we can inform the smaller JO group.

2. Let us know if you would be interested in riding a Charted BUS to the JO's. 
NOTE:  The bus will be at the JO's for the entire week.  We don't not have a price at the moment, the price is per person and based on the number of people riding on the bus.  If we only have a handful of bus riders, we will probably look into other options. The more we have on the bus, the lower the per person price. The bus option will include the Hotel fee.

3. Let us know if you want to consider one of our Reserved Hotels. We will need to know your check in and check out times.  We will provide you with the room rates if you are interested.  This option is for families making their own transportation.  

This is the time of the year to ask questions.  If you are not sure about the Junior Olympics and the process, please get with someone from admin or Coach Ronnie. 

 Click HERE for a Copy of the JO Tentative Schedule

Click HERE for The Event Details

Below are links to the Results from the Regional Qualifier


Practice continues for all Roadrunners regardless if they qualified or not.


Our End of the Season Banquet will be held on August 13th.  This year's theme is Team Spirit.  Show your team spirit by wearing your favorite team colors, Jersey, T-shirt, hats, etc. Spurs, Lakers, Rockets, Golden State, Cowboys, Texans, Cubs, etc. We want to see all sports and teams represented.  So parents pull out that old throwback Jersey and get ready to party.  We also want to see our local Youth Sports teams and High Schools represented.  Roadrunner gear also applies.  This is not a business casual or Sunday best event.  GO TEAM!!!!!

The DJ is confirmed and he will bring the playing the hits. More information to come.

Banquet details:
Everyone must have a ticket to enter the Banquet.  Athletes, Coaches and Admin can pick up their tickets during practice at no charge.  Parents and Guest can purchase tickets for only $10.  Kids under 5 are admitted for free. See our admin group if you have any questions. 

Also our Fun in the Sun Water Park Party is scheduled for Saturday, August 19th at the Flying L Guest Ranch. More information to come.